Trowan allotments


ALLOTMENTS 012[1]1St Ives Town Council provides an allotment site at Trowan on the outskirts of the town. The site has an active Allotments Association which helps to find ways for allotment holders to make the most of their plots.  Recently, the Association were awarded a grant by Cornwall Community Foundation under the Grass Roots Grant Scheme to enable the purchase of garden machinery equipment to assist allotment holders with preparing their plot for sowing and to help maintain the site.Among the items were a rotavator seen here being trialled buy plot holder Veronica Pullen in February 2011.  Sam Blades, Chairman of the Association, said every member of the association will be able to use the equipment with minimal training, but they should contact him in the first instance as none of the equipment will be kept on site.  The site approximately one mile from St Ives, has 46 plots which have all been allocated, but there is the potential for more to be available in the coming months and so anyone seeking to ‘grow their own’ should contact St Ives Town Clerk on (01736 797840) or email

Report  and Photo: Colin Sanger