St Piran’s Parade in St Ives

St Piran’s Parade in St Ives

The 2014 St Piran’s Parade was held on Saturday 1 March.

Leading the Parade were musicians Bagas Porthia and their dancers, followed by the Mayoral Party and community groups.

The Parade left from the Guildhall, winding through the streets to the Harbour, before making it’s way back via Fore Street and St Andrews Street to it’s starting point. ¬†On the return to the Guildhall the Mayor, Councillor Colin Nicholls, thanked everyone for taking part and acknowledged the significance of St Piran to Cornwall and to the town. ¬†Noting that St Ives is a small town with a big reputation, he was proud to have been a part of the days events.

St Piran is the Patron Saint of Tin Miners and the distinctive black and white Cornish flag represent the white hot tin coming from the black ore.

By holding the St Piran’s Parade each year, the town of St Ives is marking it’s pride in itself and the its pride to be a part of Cornwall.

You can also view the Parade coverage on St Ives Community TV