Jumbo Launch 2010

On Saturday 12 June the St Ives Jumbo Association launched their second ‘jumbo’ in St Ives Harbour which was timed to coincide with regatta day.

The new jumbo was named ‘William Paynter’ as a tribute to the renowned boatbuilder who designed these jumbo’s back in 1880’s.

In September 2007, for the first time in 100 years a jumbo was launched in St Ives Harbour and was named ‘Celeste’.

The jumbo is a racing class of a replica 19th century fishing lugger and was popular with St Ives handliners.  The St Ives jumbo’s was a small wooden fishing boat with two masts, pointed at both ends and flat bottomed.  They virtually disappeared from St Ives Harbour by the 1920s.

1st Picture – Celeste and William Paynter

2nd Picture – Pastor Matthew Care with Jumbo creator Jonny Nance

3rd Picture – Mayor of St Ives with winners of the Jumbo painting competition.

Photos by Colin Sanger

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