Fun Run 2010

Over 230 runners took part many using this opportunity to raise funds for their local organisation, or chosen charity.  In all, it is estimated that over a thousand pounds was raised through everyone’s efforts on the day.

Of course, the Fun Run is always about much more than simply running or fundraising.  The bubbling enthusiasm and smiling faces at the start, the camaraderie of runners along the way and the tired, but mostly still smiling faces of the runners at the finish point help to show the fun, personal challenge, and simply ‘being a part of it’ that makes this such a worthwhile event for the local community.  There were notable individual efforts, from the first to finish who ran the (mostly uphill) 3.8 miles in just 26 minutes, to the two ‘runners’ from the Ar Lyn Residential Home who took part in the first section of the run.  Local groups who took part included the 1st St Ives Scouts (who pulled a full Shelterbox all the way), the St Ives Boxing Club (who completed the course and also stopped to do extra exercises along the way!), and the St Ives Rugby Club mini’s and mums.

Town Mayor, Yvonne Watson said that she was pleased that the run was such a success, and thanked all those involved in organising and marshalling on the day – and of course to all the runners for taking part!

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