Feast Day 2010

On Feast Sunday, 7 February 2010, the Mayor’s party, accompanied by the Councillors and their guests walked in procession to the Parish Church for the services at 11.15pm.  The Pendeen Silver Band led the Procession, followed by representatives of local organisations.

On Feast Monday 8 February 2010, the Mayoral procession left the Guildhall for the short ceremony at Venton Ia Well at 9.30am to bless the silver ball.  Led by Bagas Porthia, the pupils from St Hilary School playing their instruments, and the pupils from St Uny School who danced to a well known Cornish tune.  After the ceremony the procession returns to the Parish Church.

At 10.30am is the hurling of the Silver Ball, this is a very old custom, so old that no one knows when it originated, and occurs annually on Feast Monday.  The Silver ball is thrown from the wall of  the Parish Church by the Mayor, when it is caught by one of the waiting crowd of children, and adults, and passed from one to another on the beaches and in the streets of the town.

The person holding the Silver Ball at Noon takes it to the Mayor at the Guildhall, and receives a reward of a silver coin (originally a Crown Piece).

The silver ball is about the size of a tennis ball and is made of wood covered with silver leaf.

At 10.30am to Noon the League of Friends of the Edward Hain Memorial Hospital hold a coffee morning in the Community Room adjoining the Guildhall.

AT 11.00am the Western Hunt meet at the Royal Square and receive the Stirrup Cup from the Mayor .

At 11.30am the Mayor distributes pennies from the steps of the Guildhall to the children under 7 years of age.

AT Noon the Silver Ball in returned to the Mayor at the Guidhall.

Pennies are then distributed to children aged 7 and above.

At 7.30pm the Mayor kicks off the match at Alexandra Road Rugby Football Ground between St Ives RFC and the Cornwall Clubs XV.

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