St Ives looking good is the responsibility of us all says former Mayor

St Ives looking good is the responsibility of us all says former Mayor
 St Ives is looking good this summer thanks to a number of local efforts.

When it comes to getting things done in St Ives to enhance areas of the town for local residents and visitors alike there are a number of St Ives Town Councillors at the forefront with a ‘hands on’ approach.  Among them is local businessman former Mayor, Councillor Colin Nicholls (St Ives West Ward) who, with the loyal support of his many customer base from his Gabriel Street shop always seems to know someone who can help with anything.  One such person is local builder Charlie Shields who offered his time and gifted materials to repair and replace slate tiles on the walls of the Malakoff – an open space of seats and flower beds which offers enviable views of the harbour, Island and up along the North Coast.  The Malakoff was laid out in 1972 and open on 5th May that year by Princess Anne – the laying out of the gardens was a gift to the citizens of St Ives and its visitors by the Round Table.

The seats on this popular spot have been repaired and painted in recent weeks, and additional walled flower beds installed by the Town Council workforce, it was Charlie Shields who stepped forward to carry out the replacement of the tiles and on a fine day recently the new slate tiles were put in place.

Councillor Nicholls (pictured right with Mr Shields) said  “It has long been my vision for the town that we all need to take a more reasonable attitude if we want to keep St Ives looking good for our community and our many visitors and Mr Shields and others who for instance have funded a number of public toilets, allowing them to stay open during the winter months, to them and to others who I know will come on board, St Ives Town Council I know would want me to say a big Thank You.

   Story/ Picture: Colin Sanger.