Palemon Best User Group meeting – 10 March 2015

The first meeting of the Palemon Best User Group was held on 10 March 2015.  The meeting was hosted by St Ives Town Council (as Trustees of the Palemon Best Recreation Ground), and was open to all interested to attend.

A summary of the meeting is set out below and notice of future meetings of the User Group will be posted on this website.  If you’d like to make sure that you’re notified of future meetings, contact us and let us know your contact details (email preferred, or phone or postal address).

Summary of the discussion at the meeting on 10 March 2015:

The meeting was attended by Councillors A Mitchell, T Williams, R Tulley and C Nicholls, with three members of town council staff.


19 members of the public were in attendance – including parents /grandparents, skateboard park users, dog walkers, children, residents, Youth Council members and St Ives Truth Action Group representative.

Discussion at the meeting was around the current maintenance of the park, looking to how it would run and the creation of a Palemon Best User Group and what it could do.

Children’s Play Area

  • The newly installed benches have been well received. However, there is a general feel that more are needed – to encourage family use of the park.
  • Positive feedback regarding play area equipment and the ‘natural space’.
  • St Ives Bay Youth Council spoke briefly about the installation of the Roundabout- a welcome addition to the children’s play area.
  • Promotion of the park necessary. Suggested that many are unaware of the park.  Recommended that a mention about the play area should feature in local school newsletters.
  • Request for quicker repair of fencing surrounding the area.
  • Grass Cutting – Councillor Mitchell spoke of Cornwall Council cutbacks in relation to grass cutting. In response, some parents expressed their concerns regarding the increased risk of ‘adder bites’ during the summer months.

Skate Park

  • Parents of young children who use the park and actual skaters questioned the maintenance of the park and highlighted the areas which need bringing up to standard.
  • Decided that a 5 year plan and User’s Group needs to be established to ensure that:-
  1. The future aspirations of users are addressed
  2. The equipment in the park is relevant to users.
  3. Grants can be accessed and funding made available to help to ensure a ‘bright future for the park’.


  • The possibility of resurrecting OSSKA was discussed.  The group’s achievements were recognised by Councillor Mitchell. and other Councillors in attendance, as well as members of the public.
  • Present action needs to be taken too – to help to combat further deterioration of the equipment in the skate park.  In response to this, St Ives Town Council are to:-
  1. Obtain inspection reports
  2. Seek quotes for repairs – ramp repairs and flooring/tarmac
  • Football pitch – lines to be sprayed on grass. This idea was well received by those present.
  • Footpath – park users requested hardcore/ gravel/ woodbark or other suitable material to be used on footpaths in the park.
  • The park should be accessible for all and at the moment is inaccessible for wheelchair users. This needs to be addressed in the long term.
  • Member of public requested that a local campaigner write a list of all necessary repairs .This can be passed on to  Cormac to help assist with obtaining prices of repairs, now and in the future.


To conclude, there is good support for a ‘User’s Group’, with meetings to take place at the Fire Station, preferably with a 6pm start in future.