Mayor Choosing Ceremony – 19 May 2014

Mayor Choosing Ceremony – 19 May 2014
Mayor Choosing

Councillor Linda Taylor reading the Mayor’s Oath

The annual Mayor Choosing Ceremony  on Monday 19 May 2014 saw the election of Councillor Linda Taylor as the Mayor for the council year 2014/2015.

In a ceremony steeped in tradition and with full council meeting formalities, the public and guests enter the council chamber first, followed by the town councillors who sit in their reserved seats at the front of the Chamber.  When the Mayoral Party is announced by the Sergeant at Mace, everyone rises and following the opening comments from the Mayor’s Chaplain all are seated and the Ceremony is under way.  The Guests at the Ceremony include Mayor’s from neighbouring towns, representatives from organisations in the town, the Head Girl and Head Boy from St Ives School, the Mayor Elect’s friends and family and their Chaplain for the coming year.

In line with St Ives traditions, following the Mayor Choosing Ceremony itself, there was a Mayoral Procession to the Parish Church for the Hext Sermon.  Throughout the afternoon, local children were given saffron buns and the chance to drink from the Loving Cup when they visited the new Mayor and Deputy Mayor outside the Guildhall.

The Deputy Mayor for 2014/2015 is Councillor Tamsyn Williams.

Thank you to Tony Mason for his coverage of the 2014 part of the day’s traditions, of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor offering a drink from the Loving Cup to local school children, along with a saffron bun each.  You can view it here.

Mayor Choosing 2014

The Council on the steps of the Guildhall, following the Mayor Choosing Ceremony and Hext Sermon