Letter from a lamp post (from the old steam railway)

Letter from a lamp post (from the old steam railway)

Letter from a GWR Lamp Post

Stogumber StationWest Somerset Railway, Somerset

                                                                                                15 March 2014

 St Ives Town Council,
St Ives Museum
St Ives Times and Echo

Hello to all my friends in St Ives!

I hope you will all remember me.

I am the Great Western Railway lamp post  from St Ives that the good folks from the West Somerset Railway came down to rescue in 2009.

I am sure you will remember the story.  I had been hidden away in undergrowth and ivy on a path above the Station site at St Ives for many years after the closure of the old station until Robin White from the West Somerset Railway noticed me and asked the Councillors if I could be moved to Somerset for a new life.

I know it was a hard decision for some of the Councillors to let me come to Somerset and, to be honest, I miss St Ives a lot (who wouldn’t!) but I did feel very lonely and unloved where I was.

I have now been at Stogumber Station for nearly 5 years and I wanted to write to you to say how happy I am here.  I now have a proper lamp post job lighting the station sign and the wooden crossing passengers have to use to get across the track to the platform and during the day I fit right in with all the other Great Western parts of the station.  I have a proper coat of GWR ‘light stone’ colour paint and a lovely lantern top.  Most days real steam trains puff by, which reminds me of my time at St Ives when I was younger and we had steam trains there.  It always makes me a little sad to think of the old station at St Ives which is no longer there but I am glad to know that the trains still connect the town to the rest of the country and the site of the station is useful to the town as a car park.

I have attached a photo of me at Stogumber, and another one of me being removed (ever so carefully) from where I used to stand.

Its been a pretty horrible winter, but Spring is now here and it would be lovely to see some folks from St Ives if you are ever up this way.

Kind regards

The Lamp Post

lamp post at Stogumber Station St Ives lamp post at Stogumber, West Somerset Railway – March 2014



lamp post being removed from St Ives





Lamp post being dug out at St Ives – August 2009