Beaches – summer dog restrictions

As from the Sunday before Easter, the seasonal restrictions come into force, meaning that dogs are not permitted on a number of the bathing beaches in St Ives and Carbis Bay.  The restrictions vary from beach to beach.


Click here for full details of the seasonal dog restrictions.

Click here for a map showing which beaches dogs are able to use, and which have the restrictions.

It should be noted that the maps show the beaches at their biggest – at low tides. Beach areas do vary due to the tides that change regularly.


St Ives has always welcomed responsible dog owners and the town council appreciates the valuable role that dogs play in many people’s lives.

A careful balance has been stuck in the St Ives area with the aim of enabling dog owners to enjoy the area’s beaches, while restricting dog access to the main bathing beaches during the busier holiday months.

We know that pet owners love to be able to bring their dog on holiday with them.  Whilst there are restrictions on dogs on bathing beaches in the summer months, there are plenty of lovely dog walking areas inland and around the coastline. St Ives is a dog friendly area for responsible dog owners and this is an area for the whole family to enjoy!

Beach restrictions:  There are seasonal restrictions from taking your dog onto Porthminster, Porthmeor, Harbour, Porthgwidden and Carbis Bay beaches.

Dogs, particularly elderly ones, should be exercised in the early morning and late evening to avoide over-exertion in hot weather.  All dogs are required by law to wear a collar and tag bearing the name and address of the owner.  If you are on holiday, it is a good idea to have a temporary tag with your holiday address on it.

Never leave you dog unattended in a vehicle, even for a short while as when it is warm or hot outside the temperature inside you car can double to that outside in 6 – 10 minutes.  Dogs will quickly suffer from heat exhaustion and could die.