HMS Wave Commemoration 16 May 2014

HMS Wave Commemoration 16 May 2014

The People and the Town Council of St Ives were pleased to welcome veterans and townspeople from 1952 to the HMS Wave Commemoration, 16 May 2014.

The grounding of the HMS Wave in 1952 was a truly memorable event not only for the crew but also for the local residents of St Ives who awoke to find a large naval ship grounded on the beach and rocks by Westcotts Quay.  The rescue carried out by local emergency services was also helped by the community who helped in whatever way possible, from helping pull the ropes that brought the crew to safety to providing shelter and food for the 8 days before the ship was towed to HMS Devonport for repair.

Brian Stevens, curator of the St Ives Museum, spoke of his memories of the day and all the organisations involved in the rescue and salvage operation.   He noted that items related to the HMS Wave were on display in the St Ives Museum.

It was noted by Paul Moran, author and historian who had been instrumental in convincing the town to mark the events with a plaque at Westcotts Quay, that the plaque also marked the bravery of local pilot Richard Daniel Paynter.

The commemoration and plaque were felt to be a fitting tribute to the crew of the HMS Wave and the townspeople of St Ives in 1952 – and with the benefit of beautiful sunshine the harbour provided a stunning backdrop to the days events.

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